Immerse yourself in a land full of incredible wildfire and beauty. Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and is a haven of natural delights any traveller will enjoy.

Venture to this famous island and enjoy some of the best attractions this place has to offer.

  • 75 Mile Beach

    If you are a hard-core four-wheel driving enthusiast, look no further, as the 75-mile beach is one of the best driving beaches in all of Australia. Stretching along the east coast of Fraser Island, the beach acts as an attraction as well as a gateway to other nearby destinations. Speed down the sand in your 4WD, winding along the wide expanse and spraying the sea water high above you as you swerve through the soaking sand. See both swimmers, walkers, and cars all inhabiting the sand at once, an unusual sight to see at any beach.

  • Eli Creek

    Visit Eli Creek for a tranquil adventure. The creek is famous for its clear, fresh water, that flows from the coast to Hidden Lake. A pastime favourite for locals and tourists is to float on the top of the water, letting the creek glide you down the stream. Simply relax your muscles and marvel at the surrounding wildlife as you drift through the water. Stop at one of the many picnic spots along the way to enjoy a lunch within the greenery.

  • Lake McKenzie

    The Lake is famous for its ability to heal any aches or pains you have. Soak in the clear blue water and emerge feeling better than ever. This is from the surrounding tea trees, the oil from the trees is said to be a magical cure for a range of ailments. Have your worries and pains melt away as you float in this clear sapphire water. Whether you choose to visit the lake for its refreshing waters, the unique wildlife, sightseeing or simply to lie in the soft sands, you will certainly not be disappointed.

  • The Pinnacles

    See up to 72 different colours covering the cliff tops along the beach. This area is rich in aboriginal culture, so make sure you stop and learn about the famous Dreamtime story that explains this colourful wonder.

  • Maheno Shipwreck

    For a slice of history, visit the Maheno Shipwreck. This rusty crumpling ship is found on Fraser Island’s sandy shoreline. Said to of swept up to shore in 1925 after a cyclone it. Come at sunrise or sunset and watch the rusting orange metal contrasts brilliantly with the stunning beach scenery.

  • Lake Wabby

    Imagine yourself walking along the pure white sand dunes by the deep green waters of Lake Wabby. This marvellous World Heritage listed site is home to an array of freshwater flora and fauna in and around the waters. Out of the forty dune lakes on the Island, it is by far the deepest, going down 11.4 metres.

  • Champagne Pools

    The small collection of large rock pools along the coast of Fraser Island is one of the Island’s hidden gems. Much larger than the normal rock pools, the name ‘Champagne’ comes from the waves that crash against the rocks, making the pools simmer with bubbles much like the Champagne drink. Cool off from the Aussie heat and discover the wildlife within these natural spas.

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