The Northern Territory, an iconic region bursting with world-famous landmarks and fascinating wildlife.

Being one of the top bucket list destinations in all of Australia, this area has plenty in store for tourists. But where to start? Due to its vast expanse of goodies, from fantastic rock formations to refreshing plunge pools, there is a little something for everyone! Follow our guide to help you choose your top travelling picks!

  • Darwin

    The perfect start to your Northern Territory journey! Darwin, the Northern Territory’s capital city, is the number one go-to base point when discovering the region. As the gateway to wildlife regions such as Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park, travellers can get lost in the thick bushland the Territory offers. Whether you are looking to trek to lookout points, hop in the waterfalls, or discover the rich cultural heritage of this area, Darwin is the best spot to start. Darwin is home to friendly locals, with galleries, museums, visitor centres and more!

  • Katherine

    Katherine is where the tropical greenery of the Northern Territory hits the red Outback region, making for a truly unforgettable and unique sight in person. Visitors can stop in Katherine to hop on a tour or to drop off their heavy luggage to enjoy a couple of day trips around the place. Explore Nitmiluk National Park, where travellers can see the glorious Katherine Gorge, and a range of cultural spots, with local art galleries and a cultural centre dotted around. Katherine showcases the traditional owners of the land, the Aboriginal people’s past, offering a number of museums and outdoor cultural spots where guests can get a greater understanding of the Indigenous culture’s past, beliefs, and more!

  • Alice Springs

    Alice Springs is the last spot on your way to the famous Uluru. Many opt to simply drive through this region, missing out on all the eccentric goodies hidden about it! The area balances modern amenities with the natural wonders of the landscape, letting you enjoy the outback atmosphere without giving up all the comforts of a bed, house, and working shower. The population of the Indigenous community is abundant in this region, with many important figures who organize daily tours to the region’s iconic spots and cultural centres. This lets visitors get a better understanding of how important Uluru is to this community, with traditional customs and long-believed stories linked with the famous red rock!

  • Uluru

    It is the main draw for most who travel to this region! The impressive rock formation is millions of years old, with both a fascinating geological explanation as well as an important Dreamtime story attached. Many travellers opt to trek the land, camping at night and walking for days to reach this impressive site, seeing the surrounding desert region and all the unique wildlife roaming about! See Uluru in either at sunrise or sunset to be amazed as the glowing sun reflects against the rock and enhances the colour further!

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