Tasmania is easily one of Australia’s best getaways, with a gorgeous, mountainous landscape, sumptuous local cuisine, an awesome cultural calendar and some fascinating history to go along with it!

Whether you’re meandering through Hobart, with its awesome galleries and markets, heading out to the utterly mesmerising Bruny Island or heading inland to the spectacular Mount Field National Park, you aren’t going to be short of things to do in this wonderful part of the world.

Arguably, the best time of the year to visit Tasmania are the summer months (December to February), as this is the time of year when the weather is most pleasant on an island that is known to be pretty chilly in the cooler months.

Visiting in summer will allow you to do all the awesome activities this island is known for: hiking, beach-hanging, in-town adventures, you name it – summer is the time to experience it!

Here are some of the awesome experiences that await you in fabulous Tasmania:


There’s little wonder why so many jealous mainlanders are trying their absolute hardest to make the Hobart switch: Hobart is one of Australia’s most gorgeous and tranquil towns but has plenty of fun and excitement to boot!

From the bizarrely-beautiful MONA gallery, with its hugely controversial pieces and eccentric owner, to the sublime Salamanca Market, where you can find heaps of different delicious foods and goodies, through to the awesome Mount Wellington, one of the world’s best inner-city hikes, where you can climb to a giant peak and gaze out upon the beautiful town, Hobart isn’t a place that is short of awesome activities despite its relatively small size…

Bruny Island

Bruny Island – as we previously mentioned – is incredibly charming, and features one of Australia’s most Gram-worthy spots at the world famous Neck, a narrow “isthmus” connecting the north and south parts of the island.

Perched up high above its fascinating landscape, you can gaze upon either side of The Neck, with its picturesque waters, and get yourself a great snap of one of Australia’s most sublime spots!

Mount Field National Park

For avid hikers, Mount Field is certainly one of the most inspiring places in all of Oz, with gorgeous waterfalls, awesome trails and spectacular peaks in absolute abundance.

There are also some great camping spots for you to kick back in after a big day’s adventuring…

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