Nestled right between the tropical Cairns and Port Douglas, the beloved Rex Lookout offers visitors some of the best views of around.

One of the most perfect photo spots to enjoy during your trip to the Daintree Rainforest, Rex Lookout shows off the thick rainforest, coastal line, incredibly blue water, and the mountains in the backdrop.

The History of Rex Lookout

The Lookout is named after Raymond Rex, a former Douglas Shire Councillor, and one of the most beloved members of the shire council for 45 years. The lookout honours his efforts in managing the completion of the Captain Cook Highway that weaves from Port Douglas to Cairns during the time of the Depression and for helping to produce better water and power supply, influencing the region for the better! A plaque can be found at the lookout, dedicated to him, so visitors can see the story behind this spot while visiting.

What you can enjoy while here

  • Wangetti Beach

    This stretch of wild coastline sits right along with the lookout, unspoilt from any development, perfect for an afternoon soaking up the sun as you sunbake on the soft sands!

  • Hang Gliding

    This is by far the biggest attraction at the lookout, perfect for those looking for an adrenalin-packed adventure! Here you can whizz through the thick branches of the rainforest and take in the sights, speeding through and spotting wild creatures and unique plant life is hidden about! Even if you are scared of heights, this exciting activity is sure to charm anyone, as it combines sightseeing with an unforgettable journey across the rainforest region!

  • Oak Beach

    Another great beach spot to visit! Typically the next stop for those who choose to hang glide the region, the beach is small but big in beauty! Sitting to the right of the Rex Lookout,  Oak Beach is a quiet and tranquil area to explore, with walking trails, holiday homes, and still waters making up these peaceful place!

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