Kakadu National Park is home to a variety of extraordinary wonders, and its swimming spots are at the top of the list for the best places to visit.

From waterfalls to watering holes, there is a variety of refreshing waterways to choose from, so follow our guide on the best picks of the area!

The Dangers of Swimming in Kakadu

Despite the region being stacked with endless swimming opportunities, not all of Kakadu’s water spots are free to swim at. As the habitat of saltwater crocodiles, a number of Kakadu’s waterways may be home to one of these massive reptiles. These crocs are extremely dangerous creatures, with any inkling of a croc nearby leading to a ban on swimming in the region. Luckily, the local national park staff keep an eye out for any croc movements, and waters home to these creatures have signs and restrictions clearly laid out. Therefore, as long as you check prior to heading into the water if it is safe, you will have a delightful swim without any danger!

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu

Nestled in the thick greenery of forest land and rock formations lies the picture-perfect Jim Jim Falls. In the wet season, this waterfall is thunderous, but in the dry season, it is a mere trickle, and perfect for a refreshing dip! Visitors can head underneath the waterfall and enjoy a natural shower and water massage as they wet their hair and shoulders with the cool freshwater!

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is one of the most visited waterfalls in Kakadu National Park, showcased in a number of the region’s advertisements and postcards. Twin Falls features two huge waterfalls that cascade 150 metres down the jagged clifftop, splashing into the deep pool which is perfect for a refreshing swim. Visitors can enjoy a long bushwalk through the region, admiring the glorious plant life and animals roaming about before heading to the waterfall. Trek up to the lookout point first, to see the impressive view of the waterfall below and bushland beyond, before heading down to the pool to cool off from the summer heat!

Maguk Gorge

You don’t have to head to the Great Barrier Reef to enjoy a snorkelling adventure, with the Maguk Gorge a popular alternative. Home to a vibrant array of wildlife, visitors simply need to duck their heads under to see the assortment of fish and greenery that lie on the gorge’s floor. The water is brilliant jade green, and the perfect backdrop to your next insta photo! If you are a confident swimmer, you can even head up to the far side of pool where the falls trickle to enjoy the thunder of water hitting your head and shoulders.

Gunlom Falls

Gunlom Falls is the perfect place to cool down in the scorching heat of Kakadu’s summer. Cascading over the clifftop, the water crashes into a huge plunge pool. Travellers can enjoy the view at the very top of the waterfalls, before heading down the stairs to enjoy an afternoon swim! The Falls is even home to a natural infinity pool, which is ten times better than any hotel infinity pool you may have swum in!

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