Instead of catching a flight to your next overseas adventure, head to your nearby wonder right within Australia!

Australians are renowned for being avid travellers, found scattered about the globe seeking out the next adventure. However, Australians don’t even need to travel far to find an array of worthwhile attractions, as their own country is boasting a staggering display of natural wonders and lively cities. Due to the recent bushfires, Australia has faced some severe hardships, with the affected region communities facing impact. But citizens can help this hard period, opting to travel within their country rather than offshore regions. Take a drive up inland, surf along the coast, or fly to the other side of this stunning land.

  • Victoria

    The bottom of Australia boasts a colder climate with a wealth of mountain regions, stunning shorelines, and national parks teeming with wildlife. The area is famous for not only their lush landscape but their bustling city life. The state has a passion for eating multi-cultural food, cheering for a number of exciting sports, all the while enjoying a flourishing art and cultural scene. Visitors can immerse themselves in the verdant greenery, enjoying the beaches, hikes, and camping spots around the outer regions of Victoria. Before travelling into the city centre of Melbourne, getting into the city chic culture and enjoying the many wonderous and stylish events held throughout the year.

  • New South Wales

    This region is the most visited state in Australia, not just due to the iconic Sydney landmarks, but because of its endless amount of attractions and activities. Discover relaxing wine regions, trek in lush mountaintops, dine at skyscrapers, and even surf at beaches- no matter where you end up in this state, there is a range of fantastic sights on offer. Sadly, this state is one of the most affected areas by the recent Bushfires, with the Blue Mountains, in particular, facing hardship. The Blue Mountains is a magical place, filled with lush forests, thundering waterfalls and an incredible mountain range. The spectacular scenery will give you plenty of photo opportunities including a chance to see the famous Three Sisters, as you adventure through this range. Tourists are an important and welcomed part of the recovery effort in the region, with the local community needing help via tourism to rebuild.

  • Queensland

    It is the tropical wonderland of Australia, home to picturesque beaches, ancient rainforests, and the famous Great Barrier Reef. The entire landscape is a living masterpiece, with the cosmopolitan Gold Coast, the tropical city of Cairns, and the many natural wonders scattered about. The entire region covers nearly one-fourth of the continent, making it seven times larger than the United Kingdom. There is a piece of paradise to suit every traveller! If you are after a wildlife adventure, you can head to the reef to swim with the colourful fish and unique marine mammals. If you enjoy hiking, you can trek through the tropical mountains or simply head to the ancient Daintree Rainforest. Otherwise, if a relaxing and luxurious trip suits you more, you can simply hang out in one of the many resorts scattered about the city centres or beachfronts.

  • South Australia

    South Australia is packed with the finer things in life, a perfect mix of fine food, wine, and landscapes! Famous for epic wine regions, such as the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and the Adelaide Hills, folk can sip endless drops of wine throughout their relaxing vacation. Wildlife flourishes within the region, with Kangaroo Island’s epic scenery, Murray River snaking through the thick bushland, and the many stunning shorelines such as the beach-strewn Limestone Coast. Kangaroo Island, in particular, is a worthwhile destination to visit, due to their extreme hardship the community has faced due to the bushfires. Many travellers have cancelled their tour plans here, leading to the tourism revenue to rapidly decrease in profit. Decide to travel her and help out your local neighbour, while seeing the fantastic attractions that are still readily available!

  • Northern Territory

    Head to the true Aussie Outback and witness the sheer beauty of this rust-coloured wilderness. Most think of this region as a wasteland with barely any life throughout, but this couldn’t be as far from the truth. In reality, the region is home to a diverse range of unique wildlife, all of which have adapted to the dry landscape. Trek throughout the land sees incredible sandstone formations, incredible swimming holes, and exceptional flora and fauna.

  • Western Australia

    The biggest state of Australia is sure to have some goodies within it, jam-packed with some of the most spectacular scenery in the entire country! Folk can first get wet at the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef, arguably the best place to swim with the giant whale sharks. After travellers can hike around the ancient tingle forest, named the Valley of the Giants due to the impressive size of these plants. To relax, the acclaimed Margaret River wine region boasts relaxing days amidst the award-winning wineries and restaurants.

  • Tasmania

    It’s hard to know where to begin when travelling Tasmania! Due to the endless attractions and activities, from beaches, rainforests, and epic mountains on the menu. This island is nestled on Australia’s south region and is a servery underrated tourist destination for those visiting the country. Visited can marvel at the natural landscape of this unspoilt region while enjoying the endless festivals and events crammed in the region’s calendar.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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