Cram your Australian holiday full with the best spots this region has to offer!

The time it takes you to travel around all of Australia varies from one person to the next. Some propose only 2 weeks on the road, where others suggest at least a year of adventuring. This is all due to the country holding a startling amount of attractions throughout, from pristine beaches, bustling cities, and remote outback landscapes. Australia makes it easy for road trippers, with highway 1 skirting whopping 14,935 kilometres around the entirety of the country, connecting every mainland state capital together. Follow our guide to see how you need to hop on a looping Australian journey!

  • Leg 1: Melbourne to Sydney (14 hours)

    Melbourne and Sydney are Australia’s top tourist destinations, home to iconic landmarks, trendy culture, and a jam-packed calendar of everchanging activities and events. Spending at least a couple days in both is a must, with each regularly used as the base point for other activities nearby. In Melbourne, many journey to Phillip Island and Yarra Valley after seeing all of what the city has to offer. In Sydney, many treks out to the Blue Mountains or Port Stephens for a day’s escape from the crowds.

  • Leg 2: Sydney to Brisbane (11 hours)

    This route winds along the eastern coast of Australia, guaranteeing you a scenic drive past famous beaches such as Byron Beach and the Gold Coast. The Springbrook National Park is further inland, with many travellers stopping in for a day to see the impressive array of wildlife in the lush greenery.

  • Leg 3: Brisbane to Cairns (20 hours)

    From Brisbane, the route heads through the popular tropical wonderland of Cairns. This city acts as the main base point for snorkelling and scuba diving adventures to the Great Barrier Reef, with tour boats leaving the main dock daily. This can be one of the greatest experiences Australia has to offer, so make sure you stop in here for a truly exceptional experience!

  • Leg 4: Cairns to Darwin (45 Hours)

    From the tropics to the outback, Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory, home to some of the most unique landscapes of Australia. Highway 1 takes you into the outback and features the occasional rough roads and unpaved sections, giving you a hint of this state’s style.

  • Leg 5: Darwin to Broome (20 Hours)

    This route is regarded as one of the world’s last great wildernesses. Home to unique native wildlife found nowhere else in the world, as well as large landscape free of any other travellers. Stop off in the national parks and Western Australia‘s wild Kimberley region for a truly better look into the outback’s scenery.

  • Leg 6: Broome to Perth (25 Hours)

    Drive down the west coast of Australia for a completely different seaside trip to the tropical east coast. This region is home to attractions such as the Pinnacles Desert, the Ningaloo Reef, and the popular city of Perth. It is truly an underrated region of Australia, free from crowds and bursting with an enormous number of attractions.

  • Leg 7: Perth to Adelaide (35 Hours)

    Drive through the lush forests of Australia’s south-west! Heading through the old port town of Albany before cruising through the stunning Nullarbor Plains. Once at Adelaide, folk can relax in the famous wine regions of the city, with award-winning drops including reds, whites, and sparkling.

  • Leg 8: Adelaide to Melbourne (11 Hours)

    One your way from Adelaide back to Melbourne, Folk can visit the popular Great Ocean Road, listed as one of the best scenic coastal road routes in the world. Offering picture-perfect beaches, exceptional rainforests, and charming seaside towns.

  • Leg 9: Melbourne to Hobart (14 Hours)

    After doing the full loop of the mainland, head on a ferry and visit the last section of Australia. From Devonport head onto the Highway 1 to travel through Tasmania to Hobart.

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