Things to Do in Melbourne

Stylish and creative, Melbourne promises visitors an urban scene with an edge. Its cosmopolitan nature secures its title as Australia’s cultural capital, helped no doubt by the endless array of art galleries, museums, and historic institutions. Elsewhere, graffiti-laden buildings rub shoulders with grand architecture that reflects the city’s vibrant past, while underground bars and clubs provide hedonistic revelers with the chance to party the night away.

To explore Melbourne is to really dig beneath its many, multifaceted layers. When you’re not strolling through great bastions of culture or admiring an outdoor exhibit from the local creative talent, you can duck into trendy coffee shops, brunch by the river, check out the boutique shopping scene, and sip cocktails in rooftop bars at sunset. There’s something inherently cool about Melbourne, and this is reflected in its great selection of attractions and activities, whether you’re on the hunt for foodie delights or a trip down memory lane.

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